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Farmers recommend: Use TERRACALCO 95 from Carmeuse!


In all our articles we are talking about the farmer's biggest treasure: the soil! About how to improve it, so that it will grant us the highest yields, of an increasing quality.
Here is what several successful farmers in Romania say about their soils and how they got to this high level:

Why having a structural soil helps


Because the beginning matters most. More precisely, the structure of the soil influences fertility, an essential factor when it comes to the productivity of that soil.

Carmeuse presented the results of using Terracalco 95 on corn

Carmeuse presented  the results of using the product TERRACALCO® 95  on maize during the "Field Day", event organized at the farm TEHNOIND in Ghigoiesti, Neamt county on 16 August 2016.

Farmers who participated in Field Day have seen good development in the area where the corn was applied TERRACALCO® 95.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality starts to distribute disinfecting lime to animal producers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality starts to distribute Caldez to animal producers to fight against cowpox (bovine animals’ disease).


Carmeuse presented with Almos the first results of Terracalco use on sugar beets in Dulcesti

Carmeuse was pleased to present the first visuals results of Terracalco use on sugar beets during the Field Day organized by Almos in Dulcesti close to Roman, Moldavia region on June 9th.

CARMEUSE got the 1st place at the "Award of Product for Hungarian Crop Growing” for its product TERRACALCO 95

Carmeuse Hungary has the great pleasure to announce they receveived the  „Award of Product for Hungarian Crop Growing” for its product TERRACALCO 95 as part of Great Plains Agricultural Exhibition. This new soil amendment product that Carmeuse Hungary has just been launched has been awarded at the 1st place in Crop Growing Category.


Carmeuse organized a symposium at the Kezsthely University

On March 11, Carmeuse Hungary organized a symposium dedicated to the benefits of liming in agriculture. The attendees were mainly farmers who were very interested to learn how to improve their soils and to counter the effects of the increasing acidity. Professor Levai from the Debrecem University made an interesting presentation on the agronomics aspects linked with the soil acidity. Carmeuse representatives explained the different benefits of liming who involve yields increase. Attendees appreciated meeting a company presenting technical information on this subject.