Winter spares no-one


Even though it’s winter, farmers can’t just jet off to Bali :-)

Whether you have poultry, pig or cow farms, special attention has to be paid to keep animals in good health during the cold season. Here’s a few tips for the best winter care:

1. Keep animals away from cold and ensure adequate ventilation inside the shed/barn. The air humidity should be around 65-75% and this can be achieved through daily evacuation of the dejections and keeping the bedding dry. You can use OptiLit® absorbent & disinfectant powder for animal bedding.

2. Add a thick layer of straw, sawdust, or wood shavings to the floor. Not only will this provide insulation for the birds' feet, but it will absorb feces better and is easier to clean. 

3. Ensure sufficient illumination in the barn. This will also stimulate egg production.

4. Opt for a heated water bowl. Water consumption is essential throughout the day, so be sure water will not freeze and pay special attention to water troughs as well, as animals can get frostbite. Also provide warm bedding to every cow so she doesn’t get frostbite on her teats.

5. The amount of food should be sufficient to satisfy the physiological needs of animals. To be able to handle low temperatures it is recommended to gradually increase feeding, providing slow-digesting foods, but without making any excess.