Izmir Metropolitan Municipality starts to distribute disinfecting lime to animal producers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality starts to distribute Caldez to animal producers to fight against cowpox (bovine animals’ disease).


Caldez lime is distributed to the animal producers over by mukhtars to prevent of spreading the animal disease (especially cowpox), to have more hygienic barns and to fight against with microbe.

The Regional Coordinator of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said : “As you know LSD (cowpox) disease occurs on our bovine animals. Ministry of food, agriculture livestock takes under control disease and they continue works. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to offer its contribution to prevent the epidemic expansion.

In Odemiş , 150 tons were distributed to animal producers. In Beydag 50 tons were  distributed.

And we continue to distribute to Kiraz…"

Extract from www.kucukmenderes.com.tr "Izmir buyuksehir ureticilere kirec dagitimina basladi" published on 10/8/2016.

Note : The virus of the Lumpy Skin Desease may not resist to the high level of pH of the Caldez.

For more information or order contact Amaç Keskin for Aegian region or Güven Akar for Trakya region.