Carmeuse presented with Almos the first results of Terracalco use on sugar beets in Dulcesti

Carmeuse was pleased to present the first visuals results of Terracalco use on sugar beets during the Field Day organized by Almos in Dulcesti close to Roman, Moldavia region on June 9th.


The beets optimal development requires a soil with a well-controlled pH around 7 and more. The use of TerraCalco 95 soil amendment allowed to improve the pH and the soil structure, which will significantly increase the yield of beets produced. The farmers who participate at the Almos Field Day observed the good development of sugar beets where Terracalco 95 has been applied, which is acting to uncompact the soils, making them more structured, allowing an easier roots development, increasing them for water capacity retention. Terracalco 95 puts at the plant disposition in mobile forms, macro, mezo and micronutrients, and this is why sugar beets are looking so well developed. The sugar producers from the area confirmed the need of amending the fields for beets grow in the Roman area.

TerraCalco 95 is a granulated soil amendment easy to spread without dust and with a fast action in the soil, for more information, contact us for a personnalized advise.