Carmeuse presented the results of using Terracalco 95 on corn

Carmeuse presented  the results of using the product TERRACALCO® 95  on maize during the "Field Day", event organized at the farm TEHNOIND in Ghigoiesti, Neamt county on 16 August 2016.

Farmers who participated in Field Day have seen good development in the area where the corn was applied TERRACALCO® 95.


efectul-terracalco-de-la-carmeuse"I was skeptical at first, as the use of any new product. But the results have convinced me in a few months! One can easily notice huge differences between plots that was applied TERRACALCO® 95 and those without was applied. I applied to corn before sowing 1 ton per hectare and the results speak themselves. The only technological difference between the two plots  represents TERRACALCO® 95 ! Really has done wonders and we will use and on wheat on large areas " says Cristi Alexa farmer who was photographed in front of the two cultures (with and without liming).


TerraCalco 95 is a granular soil amendment easy to spread with quick action in soil, for more information and personalized consultation please contact us.