Soil Amendment

Agro Total Construct- Nicolae Morariu
Ghimbav; Brasov county; Romania

Increase of wheat production

The results of the use of TERRACALCO® 95 are visible in the cultivation of wheat, corn, sunflower, potato etc.

"TERRACALCO® 95 was worth the money! I made 600 kg more on wheat ! I will certainly extend to the other plots" said Mr Morariu.

" The farmers are amazed by the results of TERRACALCO® 95  produced by the Carmeuse company. We have a case of a farmer from Moldova who used the product on a surface of over 1,500 hectares, and for each plot he generated truly spectacular yields both in wheat and sunflower ", declared dr. Eng. Bogdan Costea, who works for the company that produces TERRACALCO® 95.

The company official told us that, on the surrounding farms, the land plots treated with 1000 kg of TERRACALCO® 95 on average 7,000 kg / ha produced an average of 7,000 kg/ha of wheat versus 5,000 to 6,000 kg/ha for the untreated land..

A farmer who applied TERRACALCO® 95 in the autumn, just before sowing wheat, confirmed that he did not observe any negative influence on germination - quite the contrary, germination was very good.  He used a Bredal equipment and the spreading did not generate any clouds of calcium dust, as is the case with soil amendment products purchased from other firms.
The rapid solubility of TERRACALCO® 95 in the soil is noteworthy; hardly any particles of it are to be found after the harvest and in the ground during soil preparation in the autumn, which means that it has been completely incorporated into the soil.
Before using this product, the ground used to be littered with straw from the previous harvests; now, things are getting better. The mineralization process and humus formation have intensified. During ground preparation, birds are following the tractor, looking for worms and insects in the soil, which means that the ground is alive again.
“A farmer explained that he had yielded an average of 2,990kg/ha of sunflower on a plot of 66 hectares, despite the drought" said Bogdan Costea from Carmeuse Romania.