Experiment on the use of OPTILIT at The Liège University



Université de Liège, Belgium - Département of Animal Production - Experimental Farm
Sart Tilman, Liège, Belgium

The Experimental Farm has 60 cubicles with dairy cows (Holstein). Researchers have tested many different solutions for bedding for their cows

In our experimental farm’s cubicles, the use of Optilit based bedding has been easy and pretty, because the environment is less dusty. It is also better for regulating temperature and pH. This bedding results in better health for the cows’ udders and feet.

Extract from the conclusions of the ULg study
  • Challenge

    The university team is following closely its cows and focuses on their health and milk production. The deep cubicles do not remain perfectly flat and holes occasionally appear at the rear with some milk residues. This type of environment leads to bacteria development.

  • Solution

    Carmeuse offered to test the Optilit® blend in the farm’s cubicles and the university team did a detailed study on this for several months. The product was mixed with straw and water on the farm: this blend was applied in the deep-cleaned cubicles in a 10-15 cm layer. After this, a simple refill was required just once a week in some places.


  • Results

    Several parameters were assessed (e.g. temperature, pH, holes, etc.). This study resulted in a positive conclusion about the benefits of Optilit®.

    Main observations:

    Less dusty than usual solution ; comfort for the cows (impact on milk production) ; cleaner environment (impact on mastitis and lameness)