Comparison of Calcium Carbonate with TerraCalco 95




Soil Amendment

Mr Jan Noël - Farm of 120 ha
Bréhan in Brittany

Testimonial of a farmer explaining the benefits of using TerraCalco

At first I limed my land with simple carbonate. But after soil analysis, I realized that I needed assimilable calcium and I started to use products mixed with oxide. Three years ago, I took over some irrigable land and soil analysis revealed a pH too low for vegetables (pH = 5.5). So I decided to make a big amendment with two tonnes of carbonate before plowing and a tonne of TerraCalco quicklime after plowing and before sowing spring spinach. My investment in ‘lime’ was profitable from the first harvest, with 29 tonnes of spinach (net result). Lastly, IPA has confirmed my thoughts on liming. Even when years are difficult, I continue to invest regularly in liming for the profitability of my business.

Jan Noël